Monday, 30 June 2008

A Winner and How to spend alot of money in one week.

The winner is:- Jolene Pienaar

Congratulations Jolene, Madeleine picked your name out of the hat this morning (it was actually a tupperware container but don't tell anyne). If you could send me an email with you address I will get your goodie bag to you shortly. You'll be pleased to know I have added even more to it, since I took the photo. Just couldn't stop myself adding to it. I hope you enjoy using all the bit and pieces as much as I had putting it all together.

Now for a recap of the past week, and what a weeks its been. Memorable for lots of reasons not least of which is the large impact on our wallets.
A couple of weeks ago our vacuum cleaner blew up. So Sunday before last I headed off to the Good Guys to buy a Dyson. Neil did the research on the net and I did the buying. Very happy with the purchase so far, picks up like a dream and its bagless to boot. Ka-ching $$$$$$$ $400+ .

Monday Madeleine and I went off to have our eyes tested. Now I've known for quite some time I've needed them, but kept putting it off. I've been using the cheap glasses you get from K-Mart etc. Which have been doing the job but I needed more. The optometrist told me I had done exceptionally well to get to 48 without needing glasses. Like everything in my world apparently the lenses in my eyes are starting to loose their elasticity...mmm just like my body (lol). Ka- ching $$$$$$$$ $300+ Please excuse the scary up close and personal shot that's following.

Madeleine also needed her first pair of reading glasses, and hopefully this will stop the migraines she has been getting on and off since starting high school. Her frames are really cool blue with purple edging very nice. Ka-ching $$$$$$ $300+

Tuesday night I said to Neil, I think we are going to have spend some money on Holly (the dog). I have been noticing for a while that she appeared to fall to one side alot. I thought at first it was because of our polished floors, but then she started barking to come up the back stairs onto the decking, because she wouldn't put weight on her back legs. Anyhoo to cut along story short the poor thing ended up having major surgery last Thursday. She had a total knee reconstruction as she had torn her cruciate ligament. Apparently it will take 4 to 6 months for total recovery and at the moment she is getting around on 3 legs and wearing a lovely plastic collar so she won't chew her stitches. Tomorrow we are back to the Vet, for him to check on her and then she will get the stitches out early next week. It was a perfect time to have it done, as now the school holidays have started there is someone home with her all day to put her outside when needs, so she can go about her business. Ka-ching $$$$$900+

Wednesday no real money spent luckily. (except for a bottle of bubbly). Kim C invited a few of us over to her place, she prepared the most scrumptious lunch. There was a Thai style pumpkin and sweet potato soup or Leek & Cauliflower soup with a touch of bacon. Then a Zucchini slice and chicken and salad. Very very very nice. Kim's house is lovely with the most magnificent views. Thanks again Kim for a great afternoon, and if your reading this, please don't forget to email me the recipes for the soups when you get a chance.

Saturday Madeleine had her birthday party. Madeleine and 13 of her closest friends (hehe) went to see "Get Smart". We made up bags the night before with chips and lollies for each of them and headed down a bit earlier to buy the tickets and a drink for each of them as they went in. I just hung around did a bit of shopping (dropped in on Wendy at work) and then sat in a coffee shop with a couple of Srapbooking mags for an hour or so. Neil had to go home to make sure the dog was o.k. Anyhoo after that they all headed down to "TunzofFun" for around 45 minutes and then it was back to our place for Pizza, a bit of dancing, guitar hero and spot lighting out in the backyard. They all appeared to have a blast and a few of the mums (who are also friends) hung around too, which was really great. The party ended around 9:30pm and well I was pretty tired by then and headed off to bed not long afterwards. Ka-ching $$$$$$ more dollars spent

Sunday we headed off to Wantirna for Neil's cousin Meegan's babies baptism. We decided to risk it and try out the brand new East Link tollway. It was great for us, it knocked off at least 15 minutes from the trip. Bad news was we actually missed the actual baptism and it was all over by the time we got there. DOH!!!! After that, they had a get together at the Knox Club for lunch. Poor baby Mitchell wasn't a very happy camper off and on. I heard his grandmother say that he hadn't done a you know number 2's for over 3 weeks. I know, I know, that's toooooo much info, but really I wouldn't be happy either if I was in that situation. Apparently the health centre nurse said this is normal and not to worry. I don't know, I wouldn't be to pleased if that was my baby, and he clearly was not happy about something. Apart from poor Mitchell though it was a nice afternoon, and it's always lovely to catch up with all the cousins.

The photos from left to right: top row: Maddi, Ashley, Maddi and Me
middle row: Norma (neils mum) & Maddi, Mitchell, Bob (neils dad) & Maddi
bottom row: Maddi & Ashley, Liam, Neil and Maddi.

Today is the start of the School Holidays and Madeleine has had a couple of friends over, tomorrow she's off to Max's place to hang out. Wednesday, is excited because Bree is coming over. Bree is from her college and is the first friend from there, she has had over, so she is really looking forward to that.

Nothing major planned this week, because next Wednesday (9th) Madeleine, me and her friend Alex are off to the Gold Coast for 5 days. We are off to see my nephew and his wife and baby Charlie who turned one a few weeks ago. So looking forward to seeing them all and also my brother Michael who lives up there as well. We are staying in a really great place in Miami, not far from Shaun and Amanda's. It will be great for Madeleine to have a girlfriend with her to keep her company. The only Theme park we are doing is Dreamworld again. Wonder if I can talk Madeleine into the Giant Drop this time. The girls are so excited and the countdown has begun. Sadly Neil isn't coming with us but is staying home to look after the animals:(

Whoa!!! that was a long one, hope you grabbed a cuppa.

Happy New Financial Year


Leeanne x

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

RAK & a Happy Birthday ...................

to my BLOG that is. Twelve months and 72 posts later.

I didn't really think I would keep it up when I started, I've never been a diary keeper (well not for long anyway) and of course there are some months where I have barely blogged.

So many things have happened over the past year, good and bad and it's great to have it all documented. A reference or witness, if you like to my life.

To celebrate I've decided to have an RAK, to say thanks to those who come and read my ramblings. I had such fun gathering all the bits and pieces last night, there is over 50 goodies in the pack. So if you would like to have them just leave me a comment and I will draw the winner next Tuesday.

(edited to add: To those of you who I know are regular readers, but don't usually leave messages PLEASE don't feel shy, embarrassed or awkward about leaving a comment. This is for you too. As they say in the classics “You’ve got to be in it to WIN it!!:)))))))


Leeanne x

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Mother of a Teenager...............

thats me. Madeleine had her birthday on Thursday (19th).I can't believe my baby is 13 years old. My mother told me (a long time ago now), that I was the JOY of her life, and that's exactly how I feel about Madeleine. So Happy Birthday Beautiful girl.

She had a great day, got the new fancy PINK hair straightner and a new PINK dressing gown from Neil and I, and then it was off to school. As soon as she arrived she was greeted and surrounded by friends singing (very loudly) Happy Birthday to her and lots of hugs etc... 4 out of 6 of her teachers that day had the class sing Happy Birthday. Then we got home friends popped over to say hi, lot and lots of phone calls and then out for dinner with Neil's Mum, Dad and sister. Nothing a girl likes better that being spoiled on her big day and spoiled she was.

I'm totally enjoying one of her pressies which was guitar hero for the playstation. Think I may have missed my calling as a heavy metal guitar player. Seriously it loads of fun and a little addictive. But then again maybe thats just me.

Today was a pretty lousy day in Melbourne, wet, cold and miserable. Except down at the Netball courts where. yes it was still wet and cold, but certainly not miserable. Madeleine's netball team WON their Grand Final 17-11. I love this photo of Madeleine and her great friend Alex just after the win. They all played an awesome game and given the conditions it was amazing. So excited for all of them it was great.

Then today more friends dropped over for afternoon tea, again for Madeleine's birthday so all in all she's had a fantastic few days.

Well still no scrapbooking for me, I did however have another clean up today so hopefully I will find some inspiration from that.
Leeanne x

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

More Inspiration.....+ weekend roundup

Inspired again by Helen over the weekend, if you head over to Anna's Craft Cupboard you'll find Free, step by step instructions for this really cool layout designed by Helen.

Here's Helen's layout, gorgeous isn't it? Love her Style and her little boy is such a cutie.

This is my version of it, using blues and greens.

Last Sunday we headed out for Indian in Patterson Lakes with friends, I have to tell you my body was saying ENOUGH after that. The food was absolutely fantastic but after 3 meals out in 2 days I had my share.

Monday was a fairly lazy day and late afternoon the three of us headed off to see Indiana Jones. I thought it was really good, possibly not as good as the old ones, but still really good. Lots of laughs and chases etc...


Madeleine has a curriculum day this Friday, but as luck would have it, she's home sick with a really nasty cough and very wheezy. You know the kind of cough that keep on going and sound
like she's swallowed a foghorn. Poor thing really has had a bad time of it of late.


This week I also signed up for another series of classes over at Kim Archers workshops at home site. This series is called Whats in the Box???? So far 4 boxes have been opened and each of them has a different item to make. I can't tell you their secrets yet, but so far they have all been super cute. It's not to late to sign up to see for yourself Whats in the Box.

Well I think that's about it for today

Happy Scrapping everyone.:0)


Leeanne x

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Narnia, A Layout, eating out.& teaching again

Last night we headed off with Madeleine's friend Victoria and her mum Karen to see the new Narnia film Prince Caspian. The movie goes for nearly 2 1/2 hours and I must say the time just flew, we all really enjoyed it. It is all filmed so beautifully, the costumes and of course the cute little animals from Narnia who talk. This time it's the mice who steal the show. I highly recommend it.

As mentioned in my last post I was hoping to get the kits from Kim Archer so I could start the Fresh Vintage class designed by the very talented Helen Karanfilovski. The kits arrived and I must say they were full of very cute vintage trims, fabric, button and other bits and pieces which were all very yummy.

I really enjoyed taking Helen's class its very freestyle like and random. I really enjoyed putting away the trimmer and actually avoiding cutting straight lines. It was just me and my scissors. Very liberating indeed.

The layout is called Model child for two reasons 1st I'm not sure if all girls are like this but Madeleine and her friend love to take photos of each other, and these 3 photos were taken by Madeleine's friend Tj back in February. the 2nd reason is and I know I know I'm not being biased (she's say with tongue firmly planted in the side of her mouth) but you know Madeleine is a pretty great kid and we are very lucky to have such a caring and loving child and I believe she is great role model. OK enough of that now here's the layout I'm really thrilled with how it came out.

This morning we headed off to breakfast at the Blue Chair to catch up with my sister. It was fantastic to see her after such a long time and catch up. From there Neil and Madeleine went off to the MCG to see Richmond get a beating from Adelaide.

Tonight we headed out with friends to Doyles and had a lovely evening.

Oh and by the way for anyone who may be interested, I have been talked out of retirement (lol) not that I was really in retirement but I haven't taught any classes since August 07. At this stage it is only a short come back of 4 classes. They will be held once a month on a Thursday night over 4 months. Don't quote me but I think the classes are $10 and there are kits available if you want to use the same product.

The classes will be at Debling in Design in Frankston and you can call 0404 789 035 to make a booking. The first class will be on Thursday 26th June at 7pm. Come along if you can and keep me company.

Cheers for now

Leeanne x

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Birthdays, Family visits and Friends

Happy Birthday to Neil's mum Norma on her 90th Birthday last Sunday. We celebrated at Clover Cottage in Berwick for lunch with all the family. Norma's two nieces and their children (all of who are 30 and over now). There was around 18 of us and what a great afternoon it was, they are all good company and the food at Clover Cottage is amazing. Here's a few snaps of the day and a few of Madeleine I took before we left.

I booked flights to the Gold Coast on Sunday to go up and see Shaun, Amanda and Charlie. I made Madeleine's day on two counts as well as uping my chances at being mother of the year. 1st was just the fact that we are going to Qld to see the Ellis's and 2nd was offering to take her friend Alex. They are both really excited about the trip and of course so am I.

The other family visit will be this long weekend when my sister is coming home for 4 days from Darwin. She has been up there since January with work and was supposed to come home at the end of June. Now they have asked her to stay until September which she has said yes too. It's such a great opportunity for her in all ways, I'm really pleased for her. However her two grown up daughters are suffering from not having their mum around for 5 months so she is coming home this Friday for a flying visit (its like reverse homesickness). Anyhoo it will be great to see her, you don't realize when people are always around how much they mean to you, until their gone. Cliched I know but so true.

Today I caught up with my friend Sheree up at Southland. We met for a coffee at 10:30am and at 1:20pm parted company. She had a few things to tell me and we just talked and talked and then talked some more.

Busy weekend coming up. Friday night I'm taking Madeleine and her friend Victoria to see the new Narnia movie and Victoria's mum asked to come along as well, so that should be fun.
Saturday having breakfast with my sister, Saturday night catching up with Rosaleen, Gerry and Thea at Doyles in Mordialloc. We haven't seen them for 12 months so I'm really looking forward to that. Sunday's free at the moment but probably won't stay that way for long. I'm really hoping to get some scrapbooking done. It's been at least month since I've sat down and scrapped and I'm really missing it.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to receive my goodies from Kim Archers workshops at home site. I've purchased a couple of the gorgeous kits she's put together that go with my BLOG friend Helen's workshop. If you haven't been over to have a look at Helen's gorgeous layout do yourself a favour. Helen's work is just fantastic, and I'm really looking forward to doing my version of her layout.

Have a great week eveyone


Leeanne x