Friday, 30 May 2008

"insert witty title Here"

because I certainly can't think of anything.

I have no new layouts to share I don't even have any photos. May was light on for both I'm afraid.

This post will be yet another ramble of whats been happening over the past couple of weeks.

Wednesday week ago, a couple of girlfriends Andi and Karen arranged dinner at the Thai restaurant in Patterson Lakes for my birthday. (Yes yes I know it's the birthday that keeps on keeping on) and then last Saturday night Neil and I headed over to Brighton to the Silver Leaf restaurant with our friends Judith, Alf and Jenny and Trevor. Note to self, avoid Bay Street Brighton at 7:30pm on a Saturday night. Finding a parking spot is somewhat of a challenge.

This week I have been out with my friend Jan, who was also my Manager from Centrelink. We had dinner at Vincents in Beaumaris. It must be at least 10years since I've been there and it looks a little run down now but still the food was quite nice. Nothing to rave about but certainly nice. It was also good to catch up with Jan one on one.

Sunday we are heading off to Clover Cottage in Berwick for lunch to celebrate Neil's mums 90th birthday. What a milestone and while yes she's slowed down over the years, she is a remarkable women for her age, physically and mentally. Lots of the cousins have been invited, so it will be a bit of a family reunion and loads of fun, and lets not mention the absolutely amazing meal they have there. It's the best...mmmmmmmmm......begining to see a bit of a pattern wonder I can't lose weight we're always out.

Popped in briefly to see Wendy in her new job at Kumfs in Frankston on Thursday. From all accounts her first day went really well. My prediction is she will be the first employee of the month there, and the second and the third and so on. (hehe) She looked like she was really enjoying the job, and she had on the most gorgeous pair of Kumf shoes. Gotta luv working in a shoe shop.

Ok well I think that's about it for now, hopefully i will have at least a Layout to show next time or a photo to share.

Take care


Leeanne x

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Weekly roundup....and some layouts

Firstly thanks to everyone who has left me comments, emailed or called during the week to say Happy Birthday. I had an absolutely lovely day and was very soundly spoiled. Gotta luv that.

Saturday a few friends dropped over in the afternoon to share a champagne and a bit of a giggle, it was one of those impromptu things in that they all turned up at once so it was like a little party and lots of fun.

Saturday night we went out to our local Thai restaurant with Sue, Greg and Julie for dinner. It's always a good night when we get together. Julie unveiled her mid life crisis tattoo..... she assured us it was nothing to do with a mid life crisis but I'm not convinced on that one. (hehe). She has had the St Kilda football club emblem tattooed on the small of her back.

Sunday Mother's day and we had Neil's Mum, Dad and sister over for a roast dinner and for my birthday. All in all a pretty hectic but lovely weekend.

Wednesday Lynne and I caught up and went to the movies to see What Happens in Vegas with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. It was a really fun movie, predictable like all chick flicks, but still very good. Then we had a nice lunch up at Southland, and dropped into Scraptacular on the way home. All in all a very enjoyable day and it was great to spend the day together. We also managed to fit in a little bit of shopping in before the movie. By the time I dropped Lynne off I just had enough time to get to school to pick up Madeleine.

The new job is great, very very busy as there is still so much to do, putting all the procedures in place. After that it should be smooth sailing. Still busy but at least everything will be as it should.
Friday night Madeleine went to Youth group again and this time took her friends Alex, Laura and Max. They all had a ball, they come out of there so full of smiles and just plain happy. It really is great to see.

While they were there I dropped into Debling in Design to hand in a few Layouts I had completed for Deb. A few weeks ago she asked me to be a guest designer using the new Teresa Collins products. The products are just scrumptious and really easy to work with. I've had them completed for a couple of weeks but hadn't put them up on the BLOG yet because Deb has been away. I figured I should show them to her first. So here they are;

Today Netball got cancelled because of the rain. It hasn't stopped for most of the day which of course is fantastic. Wendy and I caught up at Blue Chair for a bit of lunch and a coffee. We kind of got kicked out around 3pm so they could close up. Congratulations to Wendy on her new job a new and exciting career about to begin.

Tonight we have been out with Andi, Steve, John and their respective children to the Indian Restaurant down at Patterson Lakes for my birthday. You have to love a birthday that just keeps on going. We had a very yummy dinner then headed off back to Andi and Steve's for coffee.

It's now nearly 12am and since I've been home I've been on the WII fit doing 45mins of exercise. What a great piece of equipment. Neil and Madeleine gave it to me for my birthday. It's fantastic, it covers Yoga, aerobic exercises, muscle workouts & balance workouts. As you get better at each exercise it unlocks different workouts. It also weighs you and tells you your bmi etc and helps you to set goals for fitness and weight loss. Pretty cool actually.

Well I think that pretty well covers the whole week.


Leeanne x

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Hands up what day it is??? ooohh oohh I know

They say it's my birthday, I'm going to have a good day..........Love birthdays just don't like the getting older bit.


Leeanne x

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


that's me, whooley dooley I've been slack with the Blog thing. No excuses just haven't got around to it.

sooooooo whats been happening since the 16th April.....................

Long story short.

1. Finished up with Centrelink on 28th April, they were very generous when I left, and gave me these beautiful Tulips along with a $50 gift voucher. I also had two lunches out at the Vietnamese restaurant Yummy.

2. Had a whole week off and caught up with lots of people:-

a. Monday coffee with Julie F and shopping at Frankston
b. Tuesday coffee with Karen H
c. Wednesday coffee with Sue B.
d. Thursday nothing (house work)
e. Friday coffee with all the mums from School and then lunch at the Blue Chair with Lynne.

I also managed 4 layouts but I haven't taken photos yet.

3a. Last weekend my girlfriend Phylliss had free tickets to an advanced screening of Mrs Pettigrews day out up at Southland on Saturday afternoon. The movie is very good and really funny, if you get a chance to see it... Do.

b. The move with Phylliss was kind of a last minute thing and I had already told Madeleine I would take her to the movies that day, so never one to break a promise I took her and her friend Laura along with Laura's two sisters to see Made of Honour in the evening. If you like Chick flicks and also like McDreamy its a must see.

Last weekend was also picture to page but unfortunately I didn't get over there. Saturday was busy with Netball and the Movies obviously, and then Sunday we were going out to lunch but that got cancelled and then Neil's friend Mark and his fiancee Jasmine dropped over in the afternoon. Which was very nice and we ended up having devonshire tea. mmmmm......... I wanted to get over to PTP to see Wendy but alas it wasn't to be.

Monday I started work at Uswitch and so far so good. John is very easy to work for , but boy oh boy I believe I am going to be very very busy once this all starts up in full swing. But that's a good thing.

Today (Wednesday) I've been off and had my hair cut and coloured, as you all know this is one of my all time fav things to do. Love it.

well that's all for now


Leeanne x