Saturday, 30 June 2007

No-One Panic

Because I was doing enough of that yesterday morning for everyone. I turned on the computer yesterday and got nothing but what i affectionately call the blue screen of death. The computer wouldn't boot up and just came up with an error message. Panic set in straight up not just because I wasn't sure how long it had been since I'd backed up my business files, but of course there was the issue of the photographs stored. Admittedly most of those are on cd as well except for the last couple of months. I felt like my right arm had been chopped off. I'm always on my computer whether it's checking emails, the net... you know just generally wasting time. Neil at that stage wasn't sure if he could fix it, and of course didn't have time before work to really have a look, so I was without for the day. aghhh!!!! He also thought he may have to just wipe everything off the hard drive to fix it...insert very melodramatic nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Of course every story has a happy ending and mine is no different. Thank heavens I am married to someone who is clever and knows about computers. Neil found a couple of work arounds on the internet (is there nothing it can't do) the first one this morning didn't work, but on the second attempt it booted it up. Thank the Lord.... life is sweet again. Note to self back up more often.

Ok enough of that. What about the Amazing Race on Thursday night I was really hoping that Mirna and Sharla would win.. but it wasn't to be. Oh well I was just glad the Barbies didn't win. I love that show although I never seem to watch every episode. I forget its on.

Well Madeleine was still home sick yesterday, but finally managed to throw up (sorry to much info I know) and since then has been feeling heaps better. Some of the skeptics in us might think how convenient now that school holidays have started. But of course I'm not one of those.

Finally here are a couple of layouts I've completed in the last few days. First one
is the Christmas Layout. As I said nothing to complicated here just couldn't fine that ribbon.
The second one is of my new Great Niece Charlie who was born on the 14th June and 5lbs 13oz. You can't really see her properly in the photo but I love the look on Amanda's face and my nephew Shaun looks so proud. Madeleine and I are flying up the Gold Coast on the 19th July for 4 days to visit Charlie and her new parents. Can't wait to get my hands on that Baby.
Well that's about it for today. I have another project nearly finished so I'll share that with you tomorrow. Man I'm on fire at the moment. (well for me anyway)
Happy Scrapping

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Bad News.... Good News

First the bad news.... As you know I started a xmas layout on the weekend and for some reason or other I just haven't been able to finish it. Don't get me wrong it's not a complicated LO just haven't been able to finish it. I walked into my scaproom today and thought self! I believe I have discovered your problem. This is what I was looking at. Absolute KAOS It's hard to be creative when your room looks like this, not to mention the problem of no actual space to scrap on. I was actually looking for something the other day and as often happens I just made a bigger mess and then got sidetracked and left it. So for the last couple of days Its been on my TO Do List.

Here's the GOOD NEWS...This afternoon before I had to head off to Paperdoll to teach I made a start on cleaning up. Its not perfect but at least most things are where they are supposed to be, and I have actual desk space, where I can see my mat. So hopefully I will finish it now. Then I seriously need to sort things out again. As you collect more and more stuff your once satisfactory storage system is left wanting to say the least.

Tonight's class at Paperdoll went really well, there were 7 girls in the class and they all seemed to have a good time. Lots of laughs along the way. A couple of the ladies brought along their cousin who is visiting from S.A. She had never scrapbooked before but did a really great job at keeping up and following all the instructions. It always amazes me when you teach how the same layout can look so different. I just loved what the girls produced tonight, they are all so clever.
In other news poor Madeleine has been unwell most of this week. She has that tummy bug that is going around at the moment, and hasn't actually had anything to eat for the last couple of days. I hate it when she's sick and in pain and there's not a lot I can do for her. She just keeps getting these rolling cramping pains. As long as she picks up by the holidays.
It's been such a bleak and miserable day in Melbourne today. Although its hard to complain about it though, as it hasn't stopped raining and I hear at MT Baw Baw they had around 14inches fall in around 7 hours. Which is probably a bit to much at once but it should reach the catchment area which will be fantastic. Fingers crossed that if there is any flash flooding that noone is hurt or homes lost etc..

I see its Midnight so I better sign off and head to bed. Cheers everyone.

Happy Scrapping.

Leeanne x

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Flushing Out the Lurkers

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment on my BLOG over the last couple of days, it's really exciting to open my email and have mail advising me that people had left a comment. Unfortunately with Blogger I can't reply via email to people. I merrily went along yesterday making witty little replies to people; sent them off only for them to bounce and come back. :( If anyone knows a workaround for that could you let me know. It's also nice to see the lurkers come out to say hi to me.. Some of who have NEVER left a reply on anyonesBLOG before, even though they've avidly been stalking blogs for months. YOU know who you are. (he he)

As mentioned yesterday I worked at Paperdoll today, I haven't worked during the day for a few weeks so it was great to catch up with a few of the regulars who popped in throughout the day. Even Wendy popped in for a surprise visit as she had left the all important paperwork behind yesterday DOH!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back tomorrow night to teach the brand new Scraptech attachments class. Its so nice to be teaching new classes making it all fresh and new is not only exciting for the students but especially for the teacher as well. Next week is the last class in the series with the July Scraptech starting 16th July which is a Monday night.

Nothing to share today I still haven't finished the layout I started over the weekend that is my plan for this evening after I clean up after dinner. Greg's coming over for the regular Tuesday night catch up with Neil and a few games of pool. I'm sure most of the talk tonight will be about last Friday nights football match between Richmond and Melbourne reliving the big win (and only win so far this season) of Richmond. GO THE TIGES!!! It was good to hear the theme song after so long.

Happy Scrapping

Leeanne x

Monday, 25 June 2007

Happy Mail......Yippee!!!!!!!!!!

Look what just got delivered. I'm so excited, I thought the layout was fantastic in the photo but IRl it's absolutely divine. I was lucky enough to win a RAK on Julie Love's Blog a few weeks ago. Julie is one of my fav scrappers I love her style her designs are beautiful. Anyway I sent off a few or maybe several photos to Julie via email and this is the one she chose. Its one of the series of photos I took of Madeleine and TJ at the end of last month. Pretty cute hey! This is the photo Julie sent to me after she had completed it but since then she has added a couple of elements; like an extra flower on the right hand side and some extra hand stitching in a few places. Thanks Julie it is so beautiful I'm very lucky.

In other news I headed down to spotlight they had a 20% off sale today. Howeverthat's not why I went down there. I was in search of some velvet ribbon to go onto a christmas layout I'm doing. (christmas I hear you say... at this time of the year) well when inspiration strikes you have to go with it. Anyhoo I headed to Paperdoll with a latte for Wendy after that; and guess what she had the perfect velvet ribbon there from american crafts. I'll share when i've finished. So I will be working at Shop all day tomorrow for Wendy so she can stay at home and get some of her bookwork completed. In other shop news Wendy and I have finished designing three new scraptech classes for Paperdoll. They look fantastic pop into the shop to have a look we have them in 12x12 and 8 1/2 x 11 format. Boy and girl versions and also Kim Campbell has just finished her version of the attachment class it looks fantastic. Here's a sample of the three classes. Check out the Paperdoll class Blog for times and dates.

Scraptech Shape

Scraptech Attachments

Scraptech Texture

mmmmm think I'm going to have to work out how putting photos in actually works. Because as I type the new post, how it looks on my screen and then how it looks when I publish the post looks totally different.

Sunday, 24 June 2007


Well this is it! I've finally succumbed to the lure of the BLOG. I have been stalking Blogs daily for a couple of years now so I thought it must be time for me. I don't know how prolific I'll be I've never been good at diaries or at least not for any length of time anyway. I'm sure I've got nothing interesting to say but I'll waffle on all the same.

Scrapbooking is my passion (er der!!) I'm not a fast scrapper and can procrastinate over a layout for hours... sometimes days. Hence I'm useless at crops I just end up talking (something I'm pretty good at) I need to be in my own little space making one unholy mess with all my supplies around me to be productive.

For those who don't know me I am married to Neil (18years) and we have one child Madeleine who has just turned 12 and you will soon discover 90% of my layouts are of her. I work at a scrapbooking shop Paper Doll Scrapbook Boutique and also teach classes.

I don't know if it's just me but do other people with children of this age find their weekends are now not there own but the children now have a better social life? This weekend has gone something like this:-

  • FRIDAY NIGHT: School disco 7pm- 9pm, which meant prior to the event straightening her hair, putting on your funky new clothes and making sure the accessories and makeup were just right. She looked absolutley gorgeous see photo.
  • SATURDAY NIGHT: Friends rollerskating party. One of Madeleine's good friends (Laura) was celebrating her 12th birthday. The party started at 6.30pm and went until 9pm.
  • SUNDAY: Five students from Maddy's primary school were invited to attend a Free all day writers workshop from 9.30am to 4.30pm in Kooyong. So Neil kindly volunteered to take the girls in which was very good of him as it was absolutley FREEZING this morning. I believe it was 5 degrees when they headed off. Anyway I digress Madeleine sent me a text message during morning tea to say the workshop was awesome so that made me happy for her. She loves to write stories and has come home all inspired and has written drafts for 2 stories so far. I must say they sound pretty good and well constructed so far, she has a great imagination and a real way with words. She is now hoping to be published one day. As I say everything possible will happen. I heard the little gem on the plane on the way home from Kiwiscraps Freestyle in April.

So as you can see our weekend has pretty much been taken up with being a Taxi. Don't get me wrong I really don't mind. I love the fact that she enjoys participating in things and having a good time. She's a bit of a social butterfly just like her dear old Mum.

Anyway I'm sure that's enough for my first post I did warn you I could waffle and so I have. I'll leave you with a two layouts I have finished in the last week. Both of them are of Maddy and her friends. The one titled BFF was completed for the Scrapbooking sketches Aussie style website this is my version of Melissa Goodsell's sketch. I love Melissa's style.

Then the next one is just a because layout. Beacuse I liked the photos, I think they really show the girls for who they are. Just plain WACKY

If you've made it all the way to the end of this well done! and thanks for looking.

Leeanne x