Saturday, 11 April 2009

Finally!!!! some scrapbooking............

I can't believe another month has passed and I haven't updated. Well actually I can I just haven't been creative so hadn't felt like updating. But over the last week I have completed 5 layouts and one card. Woo Hoo!!! it feels good to get back into it.

As many of you know I am a huge Kim Archer fan and I have participated in a number of Kim's online classes and always love them. Well I have been still buying classes over the past few months but just haven't been doing them. So 4 of the layouts are from over at Kim's at home site and they have all been designed by the fabulous Mardi Winen. Kim and all her support team girls are also talented and always inspiring.

Mardi's class was called cooking with Mardi and she shared her tips about how she gets organized to scrap by creating her own Kits at home. Just gathering bits and pieces like you would get in a kit you purchased except of course you're using your own stash. Fantastic idea Mardi and I love it. In all the layouts I have only used scraps of paper that I have had lying around for yonks. It was so nice to use some of them up like this, and I'm certain I will using this tecqnique in the future.
Yesterday (Good Friday) my friend Sue came over for a scrapping day. We didn't get much scrapping done one layout each I believe. But we certainly ate alot and then watched a movie to end the day. All very relaxed and civilized.
1. Bike Ride : Neil completed his first around the bay in a day bike ride last October. 210 Kilometers and 10 hours. What a marathon.

2. Cutie Pie: Still using up photos of the last time i saw Charlie back in July when we went to QLD.

3. Fancy Dress: Love these photos of the girls taken just before Alex's villian party started back in November.

4: These photos are from back in the School Holidays in January. Neil and Rick and the girls went on a hike around the Maroondah Dam. Not all the girls thought it was fun as the temperature was around 33 degrees that day.

5. This layout I did for my friend Sheree who became a grandmother back in November. In Thailand they call grannies Yi, so that is what Bailey will be calling her when she can (of course).
The photos got a bit of glare on it because of the glass in the frame so the colours are not really accurate..sorry about that.

6. Lastly a simple little birthday card I did to go along with it.

So much has gone on in the last month we had to have our dear old cat Lulu put down in March.
Old age had got the better of her unfortunately. What a sad day that was 16 1/2 years she had been part of our family and Maddie just adored her, so it was very hard to say goodbye.
A few weeks before hand, when Neil and gone on his weekend away to the Port Fairy Music Festival, Madeleine and I headed down to Frankston to buy shampoo and conditioner, we entered the shopping centre and the first thing we spotted was a cute little kitten in the pet shop. It was the only one left and he was so cute. Long haired tabby with white socks and bib and tummy. So so cute....well you guessed it we couldn't leave him there, he is now well and truly entrenched in the family. Madeleine named him Jasper after one of the vampires from Twilight.
Holly (the dog) has also taken to him and while the kitten chases her, jumps on her from heights (like a ninja) she takes it all in her stride and is really enjoying the company. Here's a couple of photos his now 14 weeks old.

How cute its that, he'll know what to do in a robbery...
Well I better get going this post is long enough already and I have to get ready to go out.
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.
Love Leeanne xxx


Sheree said...

YAY a blogpost!!! Great to see that you're scrapping again Leeanne! Your layouts from Mardi's class look fanastic! I did that class too... lots of fun.

Hope you've all had a wonderful Easter!
Sheree xx

Debbie Robertson said...

At Last, I was begining to think you weren't around. Great Layouts, just what I need some inspiration, now I only need to get some time. Hope the Easter Bunny was kind to you.

Debbie Robertson

Cherie said...

Love the layouts Leeanne...I still have one of mine from cooking with Mardi to finish...

Jasper is very cute...

Hope you had a lovely Easter,

take care and chat soon
Cherie xx

Vesna said...

I was starting to think you were never going to update your blog......LOL.

All the LO's look great. Glad to see you have finally done some.

I am sure Sheree is going to absolutely love the LO that you have made for her. Very special indead.

Jasper is a cute cat......and love the name.


Georgie B said...

Bit late for your monthly post this month Leeanne :-) but you made up for it with some fab layout and cute kitty cat photos so I forgive you :-) Was nice to run into you in Franga the other week, walked away and thought oh my God I must have given you a fright without make up or my hair done!!!

Evelien said...

Hi Leanne, looooove your layouts and the beautiful card just take my breath away!

Have a great day,

Karen said...

The layouts are fabulous - Mardi is a great inspiration.
Jasper looks very at home now - I am glad Holly has accepted the new family member well.

Karen x

Julie said...

Hi Leeanne,
great to hear your back in the scrapping saddle!!
Great LO's.
Love the new addition to your family ... very cute !

Jen Ballantyne said...

Dear Leeanne, so good to hear from you! Thanks so much for the message over at my blog, I appreciate it a lot. Great to see your scrapbooking too, I am trying to do a layout at the moment but fear I have lost my mojo - I just can't seem to get it together. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks and hello, hope you and the family are all well - take good care, hugs Jen B xxx