Tuesday, 26 August 2008

There's Snow business like Snow business

Last weekend we headed off Bright for a few days with friends. For those of you who don't live in Victoria, Bright is approx 308ks north-east of Melbourne and is located on the Ovens River and nestled in the valley below Mount Buffalo.

We had a really lovely weekend and best of all because its been so cold here, there was lots and lots of snow up on Mount Buffalo. Madeleine had never been to the snow before so she was really excited on Saturday at the prospect...and she wasn't disappointed. The weather was just superb and we spent the day tobogganing, building a snowman and having snow fights. Now tobogganing is easy but by the time you've climbed up the hill for the umpteenth time to go back down again you are pretty well exhausted. I haven't laughed so much in long time.

On the Friday we went on one of the beautiful walks at the back on the Bright township, its a lovely hour long walk through a canyon and back. The scenery is just magnificent. Then we headed off the chocolate shop for a milk shake before heading back home.

It was so nice to get away except on Saturday night after the snow Madeleine started complaining about being achy and sore. I just thought at first she was sore from all the exercise she'd been doing, but about an hour later she had a raging temperature and has been really unwell ever since with the fluey thing everyone seems to be getting this year. Poor thing she really has had a bad trot lately.

On the scrapping front I've completed a class by the very talented Helen . You can get this cool class for nothing over at Anna's Craft Cupboards Blog check it out. Except for the scalloped border all the papers are from basic grey... the Eurphoria range.

Inspired by Wendy I decided to make some cards from all the scraps. There are 7 simple cards, I always find cards difficult for some reason. One of the designs is a direct rip off of one the cards Wendy has just made.

Oh I almost forgot last Thursday there was a bit of a Dolly reunion in Frankston. Around 8 of us who used to be regulars at Paper Doll got together to catch up and say hi to Connie. Connie has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, so it was great to see her and chat with her about everything. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through this immense challenge. It was also fantastic to see some of the other girls who I haven't seen since the shop shut back in February. I really miss seeing everyone regularly.
I've also had to postpone my class at Debling in Design from this Thursday night to Thursday 4th September. Sorry about that girls I have a 50th to go to on Thursday night for two friends who have turned the big one recently. I totally forgot..... well I didn't actually forget both events just didn't register in my brain until Monday that they were the same day. I worry about me sometimes.
Well I think that's it for now
Happy Scrapping everyone and have a great week
Leeanne xxxxxx

Friday, 15 August 2008

short and sweet

Still recovering from last Friday when Madeleine's school participated in the Rock Eisteddfod at Hisense arena in the city (aka vodafone arena). We had to get up at 4:30am to get her to :school :15by 5:15am to catch the bus in with everyone. They were first on for rehearsals at 7:15am. What a great experience for them all and it all went really well. They didn't make it through to the finals but a good time was had by all. By 11pm when it finally finished Madeleine had hit a brick wall she was sooooooo tired.

Saturday was pretty much a vegie day except for netball.

Sunday Madeleine and a friend went ice skating at the Olympic ice skating rink in centre rd. Now that place is in a time warp, Lynne and I used to go there as kids; her mum would drop us off and pick us up later. Nothing much has changed I must say. Anyhoo it was Madeleine's first time ice skating and she was a bit nervous, I think she was afraid if she fell over some one might come past and chop of her fingers. I think she had a good time (lol) I went along with her and sat and chatted to her girlfriends mum for a couple of hours while we watched the girls.

Things have been very quite on the scrapping front the past couple of weeks, in fact i've done nothing. It could be because I've read all 4 books in the twilight series in the past week and a half. All four books are great and I thoroughly enjoyed them all...Now bring on the movie another mother and daughter bonding trip to the movies for a good chick flick me thinkst. (hehe)

Here's the teaser trailer


Leeanne x

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Heidi, Kim, Madeleine and Vampires???

First of all................ Yeah!!! I have a place at Heidi's create08 in December. I'm so thrilled to get to be a part of this, along with lots of my old Dolly friends and some new blog friends (who I'll get to meet in person). I'll have to start a countdown until the 16th December I can't wait.

Here's a layout share, this is another of Kim Archers classes. Love the texture on this one with the fabric. There is also bubble wrap stamping on this, but I didn't have any bubble wrap on hand, so I just used my making memory stamps instead. All the papers are from Cherry arte. The photos are of the girls on the Claw, from our recent trip to Dreamworld.

The only other kind of scrapping I've done is a OTP. I'm a bit of a collector of costume jewellery and for years my necklaces have just hung off my dressing table. When I was shopping with Lynne a couple of weeks ago I came across a set of four hooks that had Marilyn Monroe tiles as their feature. I knew straight off that this would be perfect to hang my collection from and I could see those Jenny Bowlin papers fitting in perfectly. So here tis....

Madeleine was presented with her Class Captain badge this week at assembly and also a certificate to say she had collected the most merit points in her grade. Merit points are handed out for various reasons. The merit points then go to the person's house. Does that make sense???

Madeleine got given a book to read this week from her friend Alex. It's called Twilight.
Has anyone else heard of it or read it? It's a kind of Romeo and Juliet story between a teenage girl and a vampire. Sounds weird I know but I thought I should read it to see what its all about and though I'm sure I'm not in the demographic the book is pitched at, I was hooked straight away. Currently there are 3 books in the series with the 4th installment coming out on Monday. The movie has already been made, and comes out in December. It's the kind of book you just can't put down and so far the second book is just as good. We are both eagerly awaiting the movie now. The guy who played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies has the lead role of the Vampire Edward.

In other Madeleine news her Basketball team won their grand final this morning. 59 - 37. It was a pretty close most of the game until just near the end. Yesterday she didn't play netball because she had all day rehearsals for the Rock Eisteddfod on Friday night at Rod Laver Arena. They're all really looking forward to that.

Since we got home from there I've been baking. I don't bake that often anymore and really enjoy it when I do. I've made a raspberry and coconut slice and a Cinnamon Tea Cake, in preperation for Neil's family who are coming over later for afternoon Tea. While I was on a roll I also made a vege lasagna for dinner.

Ok I think that's about it for now, Neil's folks will be here any minute.


Leeanne x