Sunday, 30 March 2008

Quick Layout share

Will be back shortly with a proper update, but here are another couple of class layouts I have completed recently from the very talented Kim Archer.

The first is the Ink it LO from one of the current Shorts workshop. I love these photos of Charlie and her Mum and Dad, such a happy family...mmm good name for a title (hehe)

The second is also from this series of shorts workshops, this time it was all about dreams. Madeleine had relayed this one to me recently about her Emmy wins and marrying Zac Efron. As they say in the classics "Tell her she's dreamin" (well in the Castle anyway) The colours haven't come up well in this photo, but check out the little birdie... Cute hey!!!

and just finally it was like old home week at Frankston recently. I took Madeleine down to get samples of cotton fabric for an assignment in textiles and who should be there but the lovely Cindy and Kade, Vesna , Jasmine and Annabelle and also the talented Sarah doing a fiskars demo. Then we headed off to get lunch and who should be at the next table, but another talented Dolly.... Karen. It was great to see them, all be it even for a short amount of time.
Well that's it for now I will be back with a proper update in the next couple of days.
Leeanne x

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

the good the bad and layouts to share

( warning long post ahead... may need to get a coffee first)

The BAd: Last Monday at school Madeleine was playing basketball when one of the boys threw the ball so hard it bent her arm back and jarred her wrist (or so we thought) then on Wednesday another boy accidentally tripped her over and she landed on the same wrist and was in a lot more pain. So I took her to the doctors straight after school who had a look at it and decided it needed xrays... Which we did on Thursday after school and then went back to the Doctors on Friday after school.
We couldn't get in to see the Dr who had originally requested the x rays so we saw another. This Dr wasn't happy with the xrays and wanted to get a ct scan. Only place we could get the ct scan done on Saturday morning was St Kilda.
The Bad: On the way to pick up Madeleine from School I got my first ever driving infringement in all my 30 years of driving. Well I suppose there always have to be a first time. I actually got pinged for speeding and pulled over and got an on the spot fine. OUCH!!!! that hurts. Which also meant I was a little bit late in picking up Madeleine.

The Bad: We had to be in St. Kilda by 9am the following morning, which meant NO sleeps in and we had to leave just after 8am to get there. We got to the radiology place and didn't have to wait long and then had to head over to the DR's for him to look at the scans. The Dr we saw on Friday night conveniently had rooms in Balaclava. Anyhoo we waited nearly 1hours to see him only to find out that they had taken more xrays and not a ct scan. After the Dr had abused the staff at Radiology we headed back to get a ct scan. When we arrived the Radiologist took great pains to show me that no where on the Dr's referral did it say CT Scan (point taken). Cut along story short the radiologist told us it wasn't a bone fracture but that a part of the cartilage in her wrist was chipped.

We went back to the Dr's who then sent us off to a medical supply place to get a wrist support, that she will have to wear until it mends. No one actually said how long that would be, and its still pretty sore, which also means no Netball, Basketball or Piano. DOH!!!
That whole exercise took just over 5 hours to complete... not a good start to the long weekend.

The Good: On Friday night after we saw the Dr we decided to go up to Southland and book our tickets for Gold Class on Saturday night. So with our tickets for the 9:30pm on Saturday night showing of Jumper we headed back home and got take away Thai.

The BAD: Saturday night we headed off to Southland at 9pm got to Gold Class sat down with our menus and were just about to order when the Manager came over, and asked to see our tickets. He then kindly told me that the tickets were in fact for the night before. NOT HAPPY JAN!!! Of course I hadn't looked at the tickets as I had specifically said SATURDAY NIGHT to the girl who sold them to us at least 3 times.
The Good: The Manager was very apologetic and offered us our money back and also another 2 complimentary passes to Gold Class. We could have also seen another movie of our choice then and there, but as it was already after 9:45pm and nothing suitable was on we decided to got home. That is after the Manager had booked us in for the Sunday Show.
The Good: Sunday my friend Sue came over and we scrapped all day from about 11am to 7pm. We had a lovely day and I managed to get 3 layouts finished.

The first two are from Kim Archers current series of Shorts workshops.
No:1 is Fabric Frenzy:- Love these self portraits that Madeleine and Tijana took of themselves recently

No: 2 - is a layout of Madeleine and some friends at the movies recently. It was the first time we had allowed her to go alone to the pictures. One of the girls Dad took them and picked them up, they were so excited about going without parents

Then it was on to my favourite monthly class from Wendy NO SCRAPS..

I used on of the newish scenic route range of papers...Lynden. Wendy has out done herself again this month, I love love love these designs.

N0:1 is a double LO called kissin cousins from when baby Charlie came to visit recently. The BW photo is my fav of Charlie and Madeleine

No 2: Smiley.... says it all really, she is such a cute and happy baby

and finally another of Wendy's recent classes. This is my take on her My Girl page which I just loved and I'm really happy with how this turned out.

The Good: We finally got to have a sleep in on Monday (labour day long weekend in Victoria) and Neil came home from Port Fairy Music Festival, where they had had another great weekend. Although Port Fairy was the hottest place in Victoria on Sunday, not so good when you're camping and going to see bands in big tents. Stifling is a word that comes to mind.
I think that's it for now if you've lasted this long well done. I just have three more Kim Archer classes to go and Wendy's Year in Review album and I'm all done for the classes I've paid for recently. It really gets you inspired again when you do classes, I love doing these two ladies classes always something new to learn.
cheers for now
Leeanne x

Monday, 3 March 2008

Round up Time........

Friday: I took Madeleine to her first Youth Group, it started at 7pm and went until 9pm. I dropped her off and their seemed to be a cast of thousands there. (ok ok well maybe 100 or so). She had an absolutely fantastic time, lots of music, dancing and generally alot of jumping up and down (ala mosh pit style jumping). Stacey who features in this months FK's Lo has been going there for a few years now, so also kept a watchful eye on her to make sure everything was going OK. Madeleine said it was great, she felt like she had a big sister there to watch out for her. So guess what we'll be doing every 2nd Friday night from now on. While Maddy was there, i took the opportunity to drop in to see Deb (her place is 5 minutes from the youth group) and say hello. Haven't caught up with her for a while so it was nice to see her and the rest of the gang.

Saturday: Madeleine played netball in the afternoon and the teams had a draw. They were very evenly matched so it was a pretty tense game. Then I spent the afternoon preparing for Shaun, Amanda and Charlie the next day. I made lasagna... well actually Neil made the spaghetti sauce, I made the rest of it and then made apricot nectar cheesecake, and cleaned as you do....

Then Saturday night Neil and I, Kate and James and John and Denise caught up at Sithara Indian restaurant in Parkdale. The food there is magnificent, if you live in the area do yourself a favour and give it a go. It is so Yummy. After dinner we headed back to Kates place for coffee and gelati and got home around midnight.

Sunday: Madeleine's team played in their first Grand Final. It was a great game and they all played hard but unfortunately were beaten by around 10 points in the end. Straight after the game was a short presentation were the girls were all given trophies for being runners up.

Finally Sunday afternoon arrived.....we had all been hanging out for our visitors from Queensland. I really hate that we live so far apart especially now that baby Charlie is around and we miss out on seeing her more regularly. Ah well!! that's life and you just have to make the most of their company when you can. Charlie is just gorgeous, she is a happy, contented chubby cuddly baby. Between Neil and I we took around 170 photos so watch out for one or two or maybe three or four baby layouts to follow. As always the hardest part of catching up is saying goodbye again and before we knew it, it was time for them to leave. I've put together a little collage of some of my fav photos.... here tis

Last but not least I've just been over visiting Wendy's Blog and discovered I have won the February sketch challenge.... Woo Hoo!!! I'm wrapt thanks to Jen Ballantyne for choosing my layout and a big thanks to Wendy for organizing the challenge and for the prize pack. She will be putting the March sketch challenge up shortly so give it a go... as they say in the classics You have to be in it to win it.
Hope you have had a great weekend... till next time
Leeanne x