Thursday, 24 January 2008

Hello from the apple Isle

Not happy Jan, I've just spent over two hours uploading photos etc and writing a post and lost the lot. Blogger usually saves everything automatically for you every few minutes. However not this time.

So I'll attempt to attach the photos again but will blog another time.


B&B and the view from our room

constitution dock

Cascade Brewery:-

Snowing on top of Mt Wellington:- Brrrr it was cold

Freycinet national Park and Wine Glass Bay

The lookout:-

The beach at Peron Dunes... near St. Helen's

Well that's it for me,,hmphhh still annoyed about losing my post. I should go to bed,, tomorrow we are heading out to explore Launceston. Looks very nice from what I saw this evening, when we went out tonight for dinner.

Cheers for tonight

Leeanne x

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Interruption to normal programming......

Well actually you probably won't notice any difference. The family are heading over to Tassie for the next week, so this will be the first and last post for this week.

We are heading off this afternoon and arrive in Hobart later today. As we are only going for 7 days, we are just doing the east coast. Neil and I have both been before, but not for around 20 years or so. Looking forward to the break away together as it's been over 2 years since we've all been away together.

This past week has been busy catching up with friends. Tuesday night I headed of to the Cove Hotel with a few of the girls, to celebrate Karen's birthday. Thursday night we went over to Chadstone to see Ps I Love You again with Sheree, while Neil caught up with Bill (Sheree's hubbie) to record a few of Bill's songs. Loved the movie just as much the second time.

Then last night we went into our friends place next door for dinner ( the ones who went away for 3 weeks and left Madeleine their pool) to catch up with them and all their adventures from Vietnam. Stupidly we didn't leave there until just after midnight (a little worse for wear I might add...not too bad, but still) My plan was to leave by 9:30pm so I could come home and prepare for the trip. eg pack, clean the house etc....Ah well I have no sympathy for me its all self inflicted. Still we had a lovely night.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. I was so excited earlier in week to get my copy of Scapbook Creations and find myself and Madeleine on page 84. It's a bit of a buzz seeing your work in print.

Well that's it I better get going Holly has a Vet appointment in 45 minutes and I haven't had a shower yet. (too much info I know)

Cheers and have a great week.

Leeanne x

Sunday, 13 January 2008

I've found my MOJO...........

.... and it's all thanks to Dolly and her January collection. I can't believe how inspired I've been since getting my hands on this collection, if you haven't already done so, head over to Wendy's new website and have a look at this month's collection. (link in side bar as well)

This months kit is all about rich chocolate, luxurious reds and cool teal. Yummy!!! it's all so fabulous to work with, and certainly takes the guess work out of coordinating papers, ribbons,and embellishments yourself.
The kit officially goes on sale the 15th of this month and is unbelievable value at only $60. This is what you get in it:-


Patterned Paper :-

Jenni Bowlin Studio - Brown Flower & Vine
Jenni Bowlin Studio - Brown Dot
Jenni Bowlin Studio - Brown Jumbo Flower
My Minds Eye (Bohemia) - Bliss "Love of my Life" Tiny dots/blue (double sided)
My Minds Eye (Bohemia) - Bliss "Make a wish" Medallion Red (double sided)
Mustard Moon - Ledger Brown
EITHER My Minds Eye (Wild Asparagus) - vine/blue OR Dream Street Papers - Delight Simplicity
Jenni Bowlin Studio 12x12 Die Cut Sheet - Brown Label


1 Sheet Doodlebug Design Inc Embossed Cardstock White - Dizzy Daisy impressions
1 Sheet Bazzill Fourz Putty (grass texture)
2 Sheets Cobek White (untextured)
2 Sheets Prismatic Blush Red Dark (mottled texture)
2 Sheets Prismatic Suede Brown Dark (mottled texture)
2 Sheets Prismatic Iced Teal (mottled texture)


Basic Grey SweetPea Jack Collection 12x12 letter sticker sheet - blue & cream
Heidi Swap Newsprint Chipboard letter set - Crimson (175 letters)

Fun Stuff

2 sheets 300gsm 12x12 Chipboard
Kraft Shipping Tag/Envelope
Doo Dhaas Chipboard Flourish
1 Large and 1 Small Jenni Bowlin Studio Chipboard Butterfly
My Minds Eye (Bohemia) 6x4 printed transparent frame EITHER red or brown design (not pictured)
Jenni Bowlin Studio Label Sticker Sheet - Red
12 Teal, 12 Brown & 12 White Mini Brads
1.5m May Arts blue/brown 10mm reversible satin ribbon
1.5m May Arts cream with brown dots 10mm wide woven ribbon
1m 6mm red satin ribbon
1m White 15mm wide cotton twill
60cm Red with white stitched edging 10mm wide grosgrain ribbon
20cm x 20cm Taupe Felt
20cm x 30cm Red/white woven fabric
1 Large & 1 Small cotton lace crochet doily
Paper Doll Exclusives
2 sheets PD Original Designs hand drawn journal blocks printed on heavyweight A5 cream card.
So far I have completed 5 layouts and still have heaps left over, head on over to the link above and have a look around. While you're there check out the inspiration gallery which features the work of Susan Searle, Kim Campbell and ME.

Here's the five layouts I have completed so far....

Layout l : Just Married


Layout 2: Simply Stunning


Layout 3: Friendship makes life even better


Layout 4: Friday Morning Coffee Group


Layout 5: Good Mates


Wendy has done a great job putting this beautiful kit together, and it works like a dream. While you're over checking out the Dolly collection don't forget to check out the class blog as well. The January classes are awesome.

Ok that's it for today, but before I leave I want all of those who know me well to notice that only one.... Yes that's right ONE, only one layout has Madeleine in it. Impressed!!! I know I am...maybe that's just me though. hehe.

Catch you soon

Leeanne x

Thursday, 3 January 2008

December Review and New Year Salutations

(edited to add: Oops I forgot to say Happy Happy birthday to both Lynne and Sue )

Happy New Year to you all. Unbelievable that it's 2008 already, its so cliched but last year went by in the wink of an eye. In the last month of 2007 I just didn't seem to have the time and yes ok I admit it the inclination to BLOG.

Anyway the longer I left it the harder it has been to sit down and actually do it, the task was daunting, so bare with me while I jot down the last part of 2007, for my own memories.

1. Madeleine had her orientation day at High School and sadly that didn't go exactly as we all would have hoped. She is the only one from her primary school who is going there so she is understandably nervous about not having any friends. We assured her of course that it wasn't going to be a problem and she would meet lots of new people. Anyway orientation was only from 9:45 - 1:30 and they didn't put the kids in their actual classes and everyone else at least knew one other person. She tells me she said she said hello to lots of kids who admittedly said hello back but nothing more. So she was certainly feeling flat and underwhelmed by the whole experience.

The following Saturday we went off to buy her uniform (not that she wanted to go) but as she tried everything on, I could see she was beginning to be excited by it all again. She looks absolutely fabulous in the uniform (well as fab as you can look in school uniform). I love a good uniform they look so smart. So after buying the whole uniform 2 dresses, jumper, blazer, socks, sports uniform, school bag, sport bag, school hat, pencil case and winter uniform, the bank balance was decidedly well and truly down. At least it's all done and she just needs school shoes and new runners.

2. Friday the 7th.. The school choir performed at Federation Square in the city. Of course I couldn't be there because I was working, but Neil managed to get down there and watch their performance and take a few snaps. Neil was really impressed with them not only with the singing but the way they all presented themselves. A few of them had to speak and present the items Madeleine was one of them, he was really impressed with their public speaking and presentation skills as well.

edited t0 add: I have had it pointed out that I forgot to put in that I had breakfast with Deb and Lynne at Fratelli's on the 8th... sorry about that; error corrected. Hooley Dooley they know how to do a good breakie at Fratelli's. The champagne for breakfast also very good thanks for a good morning girls it was lots of fun.
3. Wednesday 12th had a whole day of Christmas shopping up at Southland. Man oh Man that's exhausting work from 9am to 3pm. A good 3 hours was spent in Target alone, It was nearly a one stop shop.....nearly but not quite.


4. Saturday 15th we had John and the boys over along with Andi, Steve and the kids over for a pre christmas get together. We had another lovely night, Andi brought over the pre dinner nibblies, I cooked the kids a little something and then we ordered in Take away Indian from the local resteraunt in Patterson Lakes. Very very nice indeed.


Sunday 16th headed down to Rye for a baptism. Ashley Breen was baptised down there and then afterwards they had a get together and fingerfood at the Rye Hotel. The room there is lovely and food was plentiful. Ashley is just gorgeous she slept through most of the ceremony and then just smiled away at everyone when awake. Madeleine had the magic touch at the Hotel, with Ashley falling asleep in her arms.


6. Tuesday 18th December was Grade 6 graduation. I picked up Madeleine from school early so she could have a shower before heading off to the hairdresser for a trim and to have her hair straightened. Took lots and lots of photos some of which I've already shared, I maybe biased but she looked lovely and she had a wonderful night.

The graduation itself was really well presented, the kids sang and shared memories of their time at Carrum. There was lots of laughter and tears through out the night and I'm sure she will treasure the memories always.

The following day the grade six students and some of the teachers rode from Carrum to Mordialloc beach, where the kids all got to have a swim and jump off the end of the Pier. Apparently the jumping off the Pier was a bit of a highlight for some. Then from there they rode back to Cheslea Bicentennial Park for a play before heading back to school. Approx a 20k found trip, which is not a bad effort straight after Graduation.

I went to lunch at Wendy's with Lynne, Susan and Kim. The food was fantastic and I haven't laughed so much in ages.


7. Thursday 20th I went out to Brown Rice a Thai restaurant in Edithvale with Kerry, Karen, Andi and Sue R. The food was lovely and we had a fun night catching up on all the gossip.

Neil also had a christmas get together that night after work, but due to some wild weather in Melbourne that day most of the train lines weren't working. So he had fun and games getting home (a good few hours anyway). Lucky for him his sister went to pick him up at Moorabbin station where the trains had stopped and brought him home.


8. Friday the 21st was breakfast at In Season in Bonbeach with all the mums from school. I was lucky to get a Flex day from work so I could attend. It was a beautiful morning and it was so nice to catch up with them all.

Of course it was also the last day of Primary school for Madeleine. What a big day the kids all wore Black and White in honour of Madeleine's teacher who was leaving after 7 years at the school. Paul is a mad Collingwood supporter (is there any other sort) so they flew a collingwood flag at half mast. It took him a while to realise they were all out uniform, but he was really chuffed by it all.

At the last assembly they presented him with seven presents for each year he had been at the school and every present was Collingwood related. Then the teachers had written a song which they handed out so everyone could sing along. It was a really special moment for everyone and Paul was so overwhelmed he couldn't speak. A feat which doesn't happen often.

Then of course the Grade six kids got together to sing their graduation song. "That's what friends are for" was the song, and there was not a dry eye in the house.

After school we went off to Karen's house for a champers and then Madeleine, Ellen, Victoria and Ainslie came back for a swim.

No no we don't have a pool, but our lovely neighbours have gone to Vietnam for 3 weeks and so have bequeathed their pool to us while they are away. Madeleine just has to water some plants and bring in their mail for them and that was her reward.

Before I move on here is a couple of photos Madeleine's 1st day of school and her last. Well ok her second last day. As mentioned the kids wore black and white on the last day so I had to take this photo the day before while she was still in uniform. Not that she was particularly happy about me taking her photo on the second last day......apparently I am so embarrassing... Thats what mums are for I say.


9. Friday night the 14th was the last crop night of the year at Paper doll, and everyone had to bring a handmade kris kringle pressie. I haven't taken a photo of my fantastic calendar I got from Connie but I will share that soon. Thanks again Connie I love it, it is just gorgeous. We had a great night some even scrapped (not me of course). I had made a little paperbag album as my KK which Karen got. The albums are from the very talented Kim Archers christmas extravaganza this year, I just love them and so far have made 3 of them. Here's the one I made for the KK along with the matching gift tag.

Next is the other 2 albums one of my fav photos of Madeleine in 2007 , the other I made for baby Charlie in Queensland.


10: Sunday 23rd .. Neils Mum, Dad and sister came over for lunch and we had a beautiful lamb roast followed by Annette's superb homemade chocolate mousse. Before lunch we exchanged gifts and Madeleine was the lucky recipient of a portable DVD player. It's been a real winner so far and has been used extensively.

Sunday 23rd (part b)..... After Neil's family left we then had to get ready to go to Judy and Alf's annual christmas dinner which has been happening for at least 20 years or more. Willisa and Shaun were there along with Jenny and Trevor (Will's Mum and Dad). We always had a nice night and share a wine or two. Judy always cooks a Turkey and roast vegies, I bring the pre dinner nibbles and Jenny makes dessert. As most of us had to work on christmas eve it wasn't too late a night.


11. Christmas Eve I wasn't feeling too good ( I wonder why with all the food and drink I'd been consuming), luckily for me it didn't last more than one day. It was a real shame because there was lots of food out in the T room at work and chocolates being handed out and I couldn't and didn't want to eat a thing.

As usual I spent Christmas Eve with the Carols on TV while I wrapped all the presents before going to bed way to late.

Here's another photo of the tree. I love how the lights are reflected on the floor boards.


12. Christmas Day again this year was quite relaxing as I didn't have to cook. In the morning we just pottered around enjoying our pressies and then we headed off to Ferntree Gully to have lunch with Neil's family. They are just the nicest people and we always enjoy their company. Of course Neil's Mum, Dad and sister were also there. We left there and got home around 7pm, feed the animals and then headed over to my sister's place for another roast and plum pudding.

It's amazing how you can eat two roast dinners in one day, but we managed to do it. Lets not forget two lots of plum pudding as well.


13. Boxing Day... I truly love and treasure boxing day it always shared with friends and some family who come over in the afternoon and we just sit around on the decking, chatting, laughing and yes... eating. Usually the boys get out their guitars and have a jam but they just didn't get around to it this year. I think we finished up around 11:30 as lots of them had to work in the morning.

Luckily for me I had the day off and I did very little until after dinner when Madeleine and I went out for a little retail therapy and to buy Julie F's bday present which is from me and Sue.

Julie's birthday is not until the 13th and we were going out for Julie and Sue's birthday on the 7th but on boxing day we decided to try and change the date.

Julie's husband has been working in Singapore for a month prior to christmas and is going back again for 3 months around the 7th January. So we decided if we could we would change our lunch out to Sunday 30th so all six of could attend.

We were able to change our booking so last Sunday we went to Montalto winery in Red Hill for lunch. It was a perfect day around 28 degrees and we sitting out on the decking over looking the vineyards. Everything was perfect really we couldn't have been better. If you live in Melbourne do yourselves a favour a go there for lunch it was lovely. This years group photo didn't turn out to well but heres a couple of shots from the afternoon.


14. New Years Eve.....what a stinker it was so so HOT!!! My sister and the girls came over and we either sat in the house and played on the WII (nintendo) or swam in the pool. I didn't even make it to midnight. By 11:40pm I just could not keep my eyes open, so missed it basically.


And that my friends is it for this marathon post, except to say Madeleine has enjoyed every minute with having free reign on the pool next door, and has been in nearly every day. The weather has been so warm to HOt here that she has made real use of it.

We have seen a couple of movies this week. First cab of the rank was The Golden Compass loved it, and then on Wednesday Madeleine and I saw PS I love you. Talk about and emotional roller coaster, we both cried and cried and laughed and laughed. If you like chick flicks do yourself a favour and see this one.

Ok that really is it for now


Leeanne x