Friday, 31 August 2007

Where do I start????????

Warning long post ahead.......

It's amazing how life can change in the blink of an eye. Tuesday I taught a lovely class at Paper Doll little did I know it would be my last daytime class.

Wednesday I was sitting at home with lots of housework to be done and achieving little, when I thought to myself .....Leeanne your ability to do nothing knows no bounds sometimes. I haven't been working much in the last 6 months and I think you get into a real rut because you think you have heaps of time to get things done and consequently you're always putting things off until later.

One of my aims over the next 6 months is to start exercising more and changing my lifestyle (notice I don't mention the word diet) so that I could start looking for work in the New Year. To that end I have in fact started watching what I eat and have been wearing a pedometer for the last 2 weeks with the aim to doing 10,000 steps a day.

So Wednesday afternoon I rang my sister (she's on holidays) to see if she wanted to go for a walk. We headed off and as we were walking I mentioned to her how I really needed to get a job because I felt the longer I went without working the harder it would be to get motivated to find a job.

We got back to my place and just after we walked in the phone rang and it was an old work colleague from Centrelink, asking if I would be interested in part time work. (ooggie boogiie hey!!) The only catch was that I had to let her know by Thursday morning and I would be starting MOnday!! Yikes I thought of many reasons straight away why I couldn't do it. It was too soon, School holidays are coming up, Madeleine needs me, What about after school activities etc.. the list goes on. None of them insurmountable problems really (except the Madeleine needs me one of course).

Anyway to cut an already long story short, I have accepted so will be starting on Monday. The first three weeks is full time training in Moorabbin. Then I will be working at Springvale 4 days a week 10am to 3.30pm with Wednesday being my day off. So the hours are pretty good really and I couldn't in all honesty pass it up.

I went into today to pick up forms and fill out forms etc.. I must say I haven't been back very often since I left Centrelink 8 years ago, so it was nice to see some familiar faces who all made me feel really welcome. I already have a few lunch dates for next week. Gotta love that.

Not that I will be working with those people, I will only see them while I'm in training over the next 3 weeks.

So that's it really, I am going to miss working with Wendy at the shop and teaching (daytime). The last 2 years have been wonderful. I loved loved loved working at Paper Doll and teaching. I'd just like to thank Wendy for all her support and encouragement and for introducing me to such a wonderful craft. It truly has been a privilege to be able to work within an industry that is my passion. I'm really going to miss all the girls who are regulars at coffee mornings on Thursdays, it has been a pleasure to get to know you all and share a lot of laughs and good times.
The sound of a truck reversing will always put a smile on my face and remind me of Paper Doll and all its lovely customers.

Now I do have a layout to share this one is using the photo of Holly that Neil took last weekend. I've used the new Basic Grey Mellow range and a bit of beading again on the cut out flowers. As you know I'm lovin that technique at the moment.

The next share is another of Neil's photos. I think it's stunning, actually it's two photos. Neil has been playing with photoshop and mastering a couple of new techniques. The beach shot is at Bonbeach last weekend and the photo of Madeleine is from earlier in the year when we were at Phillip Island.

Madeleine and I and a few others are off to see Phantom of the Opera on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to it. I saw it twice back in the early 90's and loved it. The sets and costumes are just beautiful and the whole show was fantastic.
Ok that's enough prattling from me. Have a fantastic weekend.
Leeanne x

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Spring has almost Sprung

There's nothing like the first taste of spring. Don't you just love that feeling of warmth in the air. It's a perfect time of year, everyone is happier with a spring (no pun intended) in their step and a smile on their face. Neil took this awesome photo of our dog Holly on Saturday morning, soaking up the sun's rays at our front door. It's like she can sense all the possibilities that the warmer weather can bring. You know ....................more walks.

The warmer weather also meant I got to wear these. Aren't they cute! I brought them a couple of weeks ago, the brand is Swimming with Sharks and they are soooooo comfy.

I just want to say a big thank you to all the people who have left a comment or contacted me in regard to my friend who is so sick. It really means a lot to me to know you are all thinking of me and her family. I met up with her sister in law yesterday who told me that she is now totally with it again and having conversations with everyone. I told you she was an amazing women, her strength of will must be so so strong. I'm hoping to be able to visit her on Thursday. She's in a hospital that is about 1 1/2 hours away so another girlfriend and I are going to go in. Hopefully we will be allowed in to see her.

Over the weekend I also finished three layouts and a couple of cards. All of them are On line classes from Paper Doll .The first two are from the July No Scraps class where you get to complete two layouts and two cards and have no scraps left over. The first one I used a couple of old photos that I have always loved of Neil and I with Madeleine. She was such a cuddly, playful baby a pure delight.

The second layout is from when Madeleine and I went up to QLD in July. I just sat on the beach and watched as she played in the surf and had fun.

These are the two cards made from the left overs:-

The final share is from the stamping on transparency class. It's such a cool layout with the circle frame and window. The photo is from a couple of years ago as we were heading off to see the The Lion King.

Well that's enough for today, I must dash I'm teaching at Paperdoll this morning. I'm teaching Wendy's KISS class. The computer technician is coming this morning to try and fix the shop computer and she needs to be available for him. I hope the girls in her class don't mind to much that they're getting me, instead of Wendy.Yesterday when Wendy arrived for work the shop computer wouldn't boot up, which meant no retail manager DOH!!!
So here's hoping he can fix the problem straight away.
Have a great day.
Leeanne x

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Sad Times

I know, I know I have been a slack blogger this past week, however I had some really sad news last Monday and so I have been just pottering around the house mostly waiting...

I think I may have mentioned before a very good friend of mine who has been battling a rare form of cancer since her diagnosis back in February. Her prognosis wasn't very good from the start but she has been very brave and strong and really amazing through the whole process. I haven't actually seen her now for a month because she has been so sick and while I would go to visit her I never actually got to see her. Then last Monday I got the news I and everyone who knows her have been dreading. Things had taken a drastic turn for the worst and she wasn't expected to make it through another day.

It really knocks you for a six. Even though this has been inevitable from the start that old saying is always in the back of your head (where there's life there's hope) it has been so surreal and I suppose you never really believe it's going to happen. Not that it has happened, as she is such a strong women with such a strength of character that she has gone from not being able to communicate and slipping in and out of consciousness to being able to speak again.

Her boys aged 12 and 7 were told during the week that their mum wasn't coming home again and from what I've been told they have been wonderful. They have stayed in the hospital with her and played her music and told her stories and have been able to tell her how much they love her. Now she has the chance to tell them and say goodbye. Don't get me wrong those boys have known since they were born that they are loved and cherished beyond words. OMG it just breaks my heart and sometimes it's hard to know where to put all that emotion.
My heart goes out to her and her family at this awful awful time.

I and many others have spent the last week in a sort of Limbo really waiting for that dreaded call. It even makes me feel sick typing about it and tears are always there waiting to break free, and my oh my have they ever broken free alot this week.

You know it's probably a bit trite, but it's at times like these you tell yourself "Cease the Day", don't take things for granted. Especially not your health, your family and your friends. Make it all count, and tell the people who matter the most to you, that you Love Them.

Leeanne x

Monday, 20 August 2007

Thank God for Wendy....

and her fabulous designs. I had been saving some of Wendy's on line classes to take away with me to the D and S Scrapbooking retreat day, that I attended this weekend with Lynne. It was our first retreat and D and S Scrapbooking retreat's inaugural weekend getaway. Deb and Sally and their 2 helpers Kirsty and Vicki did a great job on making the day a lot of fun. There was give aways, good food, good company, good music and even good movies. They played Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman while we were there (love those movies). The girls who were there from Friday night to Sunday afternoon were well and truly entrenched by the time we got there and having a great time. Lynne and I were there from 11am to 10.30pm and in that time completed 2 layouts both of which are the lovely Wendy T's designs. I actually had 3 more of Wendy's designs to do but we only manged the two. Which was pretty good going for us.

Anyway here are the layouts I completed at the retreat. I love how they turned out.

Then yesterday I worked on a layout for the Scrapbooking Sketches Aussie Style Blog. Sketch 8 is by the very talented Ngaire Bartlam and here is my take on her sketch. I used the new Daisy D papers and Stickers that I picked up at Paper Doll last Thursday. I love the bright and funky colours. This layout is a little bit freestyle in design I hand stitched around the border and the flower stems, distressed the paper, doodled on the photo mat and the buttons and of course added a bit of bling here and there.

While I was away on Saturday Madeleine's Netball team won their game 20 to 2 which consolidates them on top of the ladder. The team is on fire at the moment, the few changes that were made at the start of this season seem to be working.
Today I dropped in to have a coffee with Wendy for a quick catch up. Then I went over to Cranbourne to meet my friend Sue B for a coffee and to give her the page I had made for her and her daughter a couple of weeks ago. It's hard to part with one your pages but I know it's going to a good home and will be cherished and looked after.
I think that's enough waffling for one day.
Leeanne x

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Layouts to Share

I started this layout on Tuesday and finished it yesterday. It's using the BG Infuse range of papers along with the die cut flowers that came in the range. With so many flowers on the page, what the title was going to be, was pretty obvious for me. I love the sentiment behind that particular phrase.

I've also used a lot beadifuls from Queen and Co on the title and on the each of the flowers. Here is a close up to show you what I mean. I love this technique, time consuming but very therapeutic.

Then today when I got home from coffee morning at Paperdoll the two layouts I had sent into Scrapbook Creations for the Colour Comp were on my doorstep. The pink and green one was apparently one of the finalists. The journalling on Suddenly I see are the lyrics to the KT Tunstall song of the same name which I really love and expresses how I feel about Madeleine.

Speaking of coffee morning I picked up some of the new Daisy D papers that arrived by special courier this afternoon and might i say they are luscious. Can't wait to get creating with those babies. If you're interested in having a look you better get down to Paperdoll quick smart because they won't be there for long I'm sure.

Ok thats it for today.


Leeanne x

Monday, 13 August 2007

Freezers, Cooking, Movies and Jams

That's what my weekend included.

Saturday I discovered the door to my freezer was open and that the food in it had half defrosted, which meant I either had to throw out the contents or actually cook it all. So cook i did, my afternoon and evening was taken care of there. Now don't get me wrong I love to cook I just don't love it when I have to do it. Anyway the freezer is now full of meals that I can pull out when I can't be bothered cooking. We have the following:-1. Shepherd pie, 2. Spaghetti sauce. 3. Chilli con Carne, 4. Scallopini and 5. Chicken and mushroom casserole.

So we will be eating well for a while.
Sunday Neil had the guys over for a jam in the family room from 2pm - 7pm, so they were having a great time making music and doing a bit of recording at the same time. My girlfriend Sheree came over with her husband Bill so we had a chick flick afternoon. Sheree had never seen the Notebook or Shall we Dance, so there were a few tears on and off in our house yesterday. Sheree and I don't get to see each other that often, so it was great to be able to spend a few quite hours together catching up (if you don't count the loud music coming from the family room). Then they all stayed for dinner which included Orange Soup and crusty bread, Lamb Ragout with Green Olives served on a bed of mashed spuds and then an old fav of mind apple crumble with cream and ice cream. The diet started today.

So another unproductive weekend of scrapbooking ahhh well I'm sure I'll get a chance soon. Then today I had to go and pick up Madeleine from school as she had vomited at school and was feeling lousy with stomach cramps. Which I appear to have developed this evening as well so I've taken a buscopan to see if that will stop them, so far they haven't worked. Fingers crossed as I have a class tomorrow morning at Paper Doll so I need to be healthy for that.

Every time I've posted in the last week I've meant to include this. Wendy kindly nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger which is so cool. Thanks again Wendy. Now I have to nominate another three girls but I think most of the people I know have already been nominated. Anyhoo I nominate Jen Ballantyne, Cindy and Kirsty.

One Last thing I haven't asked him so I hope he doesn't mind. For those who don't know Neil is a keen photographer and often takes himself off all over Melbourne to take photos and then posts the ones he thinks are worthy onto Flikr. Last week he took the camera into work and captured some great shots in and around the city. These two are of the Eureka tower in Melbourne and the giant Ferris Wheel. Just wanted to share as I think they are really cool.
Leeanne x

Friday, 10 August 2007

The weekly roundup (aka can't think of a good title)

Yesterday I headed down to Paper doll for coffee morning, which was standing room only(if you didn't get there early) very noisy and lots of fun. Believe it or not I actually took work to do. I started the new Kim Archer class (pocket full of surprises) which I might add I didn't finish nor have I finished it but I will share as soon as I have. There's denim, felt and pockets galore it's such a gorgeous layout. Deb Robertson was there and she had actually completed her version, and it was absolutely fantastic. Deb has a real knack for coordinating papers and colours so her layouts always look stunning.

Last night we headed down to our favourite local Thai restaurant in Patterson Lakes, Kun Yao. We started with vegetarian curry puffs and spring rolls. Then it was onto Panang beef and the Kun Yao special (chicken), coconut rice and roti. Needless to say it was great the food is always good. We are so lucky to have such nice restaurants locally to frequent.

Neil has been saying lately I have been leading the life of Riley as I'm not really working much at the moment. so if he reads the following he'll knows its true. Today started with a coffee with a few mums from school from 9am to 10.45am. Then I had to head down to Frankston to pick up a few things for Madeleine and while I was there I ran into my ex sister-in-law Alida. I haven't
seen her for a few years, so we sat down for a coffee and catch up.

Sadly I learned that her dad was in a home and was being transferred to another hospital this week that caters for dementia patients. As is often the way with dementia he has become hard to handle physically and to top it off will now only speak Italian, so communication is even harder. I have a special place in my heart for Mr G he was always so kind and respectful to me and we spent many hours talking. He also was the one who taught me to drive and gave me invaluable tips and tricks on how to read the traffic and other safety issues. He lost the love his life about 5 years ago and has never really been the same since. It's sad for the family to have to go through this with him so my thoughts are with them all for the tough times ahead.

After that I caught up with another girlfriend for coffee. Andi usually works full time now but was home as one of her children hasn't been well. It was great to see her and find out whats been going on in each others lives.

Madeleine is at another friends party tonight. The party is a red carpet affair so they had to dress up like celebritys. Here is Madeleine's take on the necessary look. Don't you just love those big pink glasses and the feather boa. She also looked about 6ft tall in a pair of 3' wedge sandals.
That's it for now

Have a great weekend everyone.


Leeanne x

Tuesday, 7 August 2007


What a lovely day Wendy and I had yesterday. It was a real treat and so nice to spend the day together scrapbooking, laughing and eating. What more could you ask for. We had the most magnificent club sandwich at the cafe in Crown Plaza along with a Chardonnay for lunch. It was all very civilised. Although a big meal and glass wine in the middle of the day, didn't help my concentration in the last two sessions.

I haven't finished everything but a sneak peak follows. My two fav classes were the making memories little suitcase which houses a very cute travel related mini album. I still have lots of tags and rubons etc to add to this.
The second one is a very cute baindaid tin covered in cardstock that has been put through the cuttlebug, which is very cool to use. Then inside the tin are four gorgeous little mini thankyou cards.

Neil took the camera with him today so I didn't get a chance to photograph the other projects, but I'll update again tomorrow. I saw Wendy taking photos of her projects today so if you head over to her blog, you'll probably see the others. Wendy also finished her little travel album off last night at home.
When I got home from the city yesterday it was also nice to know I didn't have to cook, except for making some mashed potato. Neil had whipped up two meals the night before. The first one was his sensational spaghetti sauce, which has everything bar the kitchen sink in it. The second magnificent dish and which we ate last night was Lamb Ragout with green olives. It was absolutely fabulous the flavours were outstanding the meat was so so tender. He had seen the recipe during the Tour de France. Every night before the race started there was a cooking show on and this recipe featured one evening. I'm just thankful that all those hours spent watching a bike race also inspired him to cook.

Today I've been at the shop teaching the Scraptech Shape class to six lovely ladies. It was a lot of fun and a little frenzied at times. note to self make sure you have sharp shape cutting tools when people are cutting their precious paper. It could have all gone pear shaped, but in the end the girls were just happy that it wasn't just them that couldn't manipulate the tool properly. (I like to test people hehe) They all produced such beautiful pages even in the face of adversity.

I also finished another layout on the weekend for my friend Sue B. This one is of her daughter Stacey who turned 16 back in July. The theme for her party was Fluro so besides everyone dressing in fluro colours they had a thousand glow sticks all over the place as well. It was very funky and retro, hence my layout is very bright. I used the French Twist papers by Autumn leave. I really loved working with such vibrant colours. I have sent an email with the layout through to the girls who tell me they really like the layout and it's ok to share with everyone.

O.k enough rambling for one night I better go and dish up dinner. Which by the way is part there of the spaghetti sauce Neil made. God love him.


Leeanne x

Saturday, 4 August 2007


Scrapbooked that is. Yesterday I booked into another of Kim Archer's on line classes, which inspired me to start and complete the last class of hers which I hadn't got around to doing. I love Kim's designs and there is usually some little technique that i haven't done before. This time there was two - the painted frame and the flower cut into 8. Hers designs are fresh and funky and always inspiring. So here are my takes on the class. Both layouts were just using up scraps that you have. I'm really happy with them both. If you haven't tried one of Kim's classes head over to her website and have a look. The new classroom setup is fantastic and really easy to use. If you book in and can't make it you log in and do the class when you can. The other thing I like about on line classes is that you can do them at you own pace and don't have to try and keep up with everyone else.

As I mentioned in my last post Wayne from Dirty Paws Mobile dog wash came around yesterday and gave both Holly and Kelsey the treatment. He was really great with them and they both seemed happier after their grooming. Here is a before and after shot of Holly. Holly wasn't participating in the after shot so I'm not really sure if she likes her new haircut now. It is severe but it grows quickly. I actually think she looks better than the photo would indicate. Anyway you be the judge. You wouldn't know it was the same dog would you?

I've got one more photo to share, this one is of me I was trying to take a photo of my hair colour after going to the hairdresser on Tuesday. I always have a few of those intense red colour foils put in as well as the blonde ones when I go to the hairdresser. Unfortunately the red only last a couple of weeks as I wash my hair everyday the intensity fades really quickly. Going to the hairdresser has to be one of my all time favourite things to do. At Hairven in Edithvale they give you a neck and shoulder massage before they start (got to Luv that) and then my fav fav thing is the wash and head massage at the basin. If I was rich that would be one of the first things I would do. Hire a full time hairdresser that is. Anyway here's the photo its not great it doesn't really show how vibrant the colour is but it gives you some idea.

Well I better head off, have to get ready to take Madeleine to Piano Lessons and then later to Netball. My plan is to scrapbook again this afternoon so fingers crossed I get a chance.
We are going out to dinner tonight with a friends. Guess where... Yes the Blue Chair in Carrum, it really is just a coincidence that I've been there so often lately. Not that I care as already stated I love the food there and the service is fantastic.
Really looking forward to Monday. I'm going into Crown Plaza with Wendy for classes run through Print Blocks. It's from 9am to 4pm and the classes sound really cool.
  • Making Memories Mini Album and suitcase.
  • Heartflower Layout with Hampton Art Clear stamps, K & Company Hopscotch Girl range and Provo Craft Silent Setter.
  • Thank you & Congratulations cards with Karen Foster (CHA Summer release) Sentiments product range.
  • Mini Gift tin and thanks using the Cuttlebug embossing plates and cutting dies.

One final share before I leave. This is just hot off the press. Madeleine has just brought Holly in to show me the outfit she has just made fore her. It's a crack up, have a look at this very stylish pooch. No wonder the dog has a few image issues. (lol)

Have a wonderful weekend
Leeanne x

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Lovin Thursday

What a lovely day I've had today. First off was coffee morning at Paperdoll. Catching up and having lot of laughs with Kim, Jenny, Barb, Wendy, Lynne , Helen and Connie. It got pretty noisy in there for a while. Not a lot of work got done.

Then it was off to the Blue Chair again for lunch, this time with Lynne. I had mentioned to Lynne last week that Neils sister had Lamb Shank s there last week when I went, and she has been hankering for them ever since. Imagine her dismay when we got there and they weren't on the specials board, anyway I told the waitress (who I know) that she was very sad and had come here especially for them. The gods were shining on Lynne today as the waitress confessed they actually had 4 serves of them left, but that wasn't enough to put them on the board, but she could have them if whe wanted. Yeah!! happy ending and they were worth the wait apparently. I had my usual pumpkin and ricotta lasagna, and then we indulged in strawberry crepes with caramel sauce. M mmmmmmmmmm DELICIOUS. Needless to say no dinner was needed tonight.

Believe it or not I will be at the Blue Chair again on Saturday night. Can't have to much of a good thing apparently.

Last week a girlfriend rang asking for an unusual favour. Said friend works, however her dog needed to go the groomers, and the mobile service she uses could only give her an appointment for tomorrow. So she is bringing her pooch over to me tomorrow morning (8am) and the mobile dog wash is coming here. Then Kelsey (the pooch) will be staying for a visit until 4.30pm. Good news for me as Holly is also in desperate need of the groomers, and he can fit her in too. Nothing like jumping on the bandwagon.

In other news I have finally finished the new HP book. I LOVEd it, shed a few tears here and there, but thoroughly enjoyed it. It is sad that Harry won't be taking us on anymore journeys, but I think J K Rowlings tied up all the loose ends nicely and it finished as it should.

Cheers for now

Leeanne x